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    Bobsalot's Kingdom

    Harry Delvin
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    Bobsalot's Kingdom

    Post by Harry Delvin on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:12 pm

    As you may know, I made some epic failures of forum games on this site.

    EPIC failures.
    So, my computer genius father is helping me make my own.
    I decided to call it "Bobsalot's Kingdom" after my 7th grade creative writing project, "The Story of Bobsalot".

    This game will be a text adventure style game with humorous stick figure graphics.
    It's going to be pretty funny.
    A sample of your adversaries:
    Cool Math Teachers (Don't worry, your guy almost gets in trouble after this)
    Poorly Drawn Possessed Bunnies (AAAAAAAGH! THE DRAWING SUCKS SO BAD!)
    Psychotic Plumbers (It's a-me! Psycho-o!)
    Some awesome items:
    Surely Church, a delicious soft drink
    Really Ugly Daggers
    Plastic Brick Explosives
    And of course, the epic character classes:
    Generic Sword User!Some Kind of Ranger Guy!Wizards!Thieves!Spiky Haired Maniacs!
    So, you in?

    Click the link below to be directed to my father's website, where the game is hosted!



    Right here, a lot of people would ask for donations, but I don't need money for this. Really. If you seriously want to send me money, I'd like that, but donations are by no means mandatory. Although I will acknowledge you in the credits or something. Probably.
    Look at this checklist to see what's ready.
    The story will be things like dialogue, characters, and progression of the game.
    Graphics are things like the little stick figures in that advertisement up there.^
    Coding is the meat of the game-- stuff like clicking on such-and-such and working out the combat system 'n stuff.
    Credits is just the little thingy at the end of the game that tells you who made it, as well as probably some lame congratulation message.
    Monsters are your opponents, like the Cool Math Teacher, Psychotic Plumber, and Possessed Bunny.

    __________________________________________________________MANUAL UPDATES_________________________________________________________

    (Listed from latest to earliest)

    September 9, 2013
    -Got Sick
    -Wrote like 33.333333333...% of the story

    September 8, 2013
    -Got the first bit of coding up last night
    -Made some sprites
    -Posted page

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